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2017. március 14., kedd

No more blogposts

I haven't posted anything new for almost two years. And it seems I won't do it again - unless I have my own music projects to talk about. Stay tuned & take care.

2015. október 31., szombat

Zebra Katz

Zebra Katz is one of the most influential presenter of queer hiphop. And I like his world a lot - both musically both visually. You may know Zebra Katz's song Ima Read from 2012. I listened to this track back in the days and I was excited to check his recent music. Unfortunately Zebra Katz hasn't released any LP yet. He has some EPs but these pieces rock.

I collected some of his works in a playlist below. Listening to these tunes is just one part of the enjoyment. You should check the videos too because it is a professional art-commando for your eyes. Designer clothes everywhere, sexuality, and elegant viloence. Every video leads you into a weird world. And this odd universum is so cool, I took some snapshots from his videos, imagine what kind of things could work in Zebra Katz's mind. :)

And the music:

If you like this hiphop, or sometimes trappish, minimalistic techno music (hard to define), follow Zebra on Facebook, Soundcloud (mostly for remixes), and read more about him here.

2015. augusztus 18., kedd

Artifakts - Spilled Coffee: A Beat Tape (2015)

Long time no write on this blog, sorry for the one-month-long break. I got some other stuff at work, but everything is fine. So now I chose a music which reflect my recent calm state. It is hiphop, and its producer is called Artifakts. He is from Milwaukee (US), and makes cool beats. It is so simple.

If you like my recommendation, just start playing his SoundCloud stream and you won't regret it.

Actually, I have a video project where I used one of his tracks called Best I can. So fucking great and catchy hiphop tune. Even those my friends, who doesn't prefer hiphop said this tune is very fine.

So, first comes the self promotion, check the trailer of my project here :)

But get back to the music! Artifakts just released his EP called Spilled Coffee about 10 days ago.

This is an essential hiphop beat tape. Because of the fact that this is a beat tape, his tracks are very short, just presenting some themes and ideas about music, but I am sure you won't be bored. I mean I just switch this EP on repeat and could listen to it for hours. Wake up uses some samples from a movie I guess and you will know Artifakts is not fucking with you when it comes to music. The Pour is more intensive, while it has this awesome dubbed instrumentals which makes you feel the downtempo too. Fresh Cup is a dreamy tune, and The Spill can fit soundtracks of movies too - it uses some voices but it is distorted so much it sounds like a trumpet, if I am not mistaken. Great idea! Re-Brew is very close to German beatmakers, the clinging piano is a very popular choice, and it works here as well. This is one of my favourite beat, so bad that it is not even two minutes long. Start your day is more suspicious, it reminds me some movies from the 80s with cops: like they are investigating some crime and driving around the city of San Francisco. The Comedown uses Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang, a very clever usage of this sample.

If you like Artifakts, follow him on social sites (Facebook, SoundCloud) and support him by sharing or buying his music or just go to his gigs if you have any chance.


2015. július 14., kedd

Crack Ignaz

Source: Juice on YouTube
Crack Ignaz is like the Austrian Gazsi Rap Show or the Austrian Kid Cudi for me. He is from Austria, rapping around, I understand the lyrics hardly - or even absolutely have no idea about the lyrics (I owe an apologie for my German teacher) but I don't care. Crack Ignaz sounds naive auf dem ersten Blick - but then you will realize that the tracks uses very serious and professional instrumentals. So this pseudo-naive attitude turns into some kind of phlegmatic music. Like they don't care about anything but to feel okay and usually there is some music. And this attitude fits hiphop, Crack Ignaz deserves five stars!

If you prefer Gazsi and won't be afraid of listening to German lyrics, then try Crack Ignaz out. He will release his album called 'Kirsch' on 17th July - on vinyl too. Even better!

  • Gwalla and Ned Gscheid reminds me Kid Cudi tracks.
  • Gustav Klimt is something absurd both in music and in video. There is something that caught me, I love watching that VHS-like, chaotic art-commando.
  • König der Alpen - I have no words!
  • Elvis - one of his best known tracks is Elvis. It is okay, but he has been really developing, becoming more professional.
Follow Crack Ignaz on Facebook or Bandcamp and support him!


2015. június 28., vasárnap

Fdel - Yesterdays Now Sounds EP

Source: Facebook
Oh man! Fdel released an EP after almost 10 years, celebrating Australian funky hiphop live acts. Fdel's new EP is something like Lack of Afro, a little bit Jurassic 5 or People Under The Stairs. Every track features someone who jumps in and helps rapping, tunes have moderate scratchings.

My favourite ones are the starting tune called 'Superstar',  then 'How Lucky Am I' and 'Somethin' For Ya Eardrums'. Superstar fits the summer, just imagine that you're holding your drink and nodding to the beats or putting your earphones on and biking around the city. How Lucky Am I has great drums and using cool samples, they are real hiphop beats while Somethin' For Your Eardrums has awesome piano and scratches. And if you prefer reggae, try Take It Easy.
I suggest to follow Fdel on everywhere you can (Facebook, Soundcloud), and if there are any chances to go to any of his gigs, just go - he's Australian, and fellas from AUS come to Hungary rarely.


2015. június 22., hétfő

Uzipov - music video: A kedvem véget ért

Source: Facebook
I like these guys. I haven't posted about any rock music recently, sorry for dismissing it. So, Uzipov, one of my fav rock band - actually, they are only fresh band whose music I check from time to time - just made a music video called 'A kedvem véget ért' something like 'I don't care anything anymore.' or 'I'm not in the mood for anything anymore.'

Uzipov shot this video in A38 boat which is a great concert venue, so the milieu is just perfect.
Watch the video, don't fear the clown, but join him and shout as loud as you can - brilliant track. Now I have to listen to the whole album. Check it out here:

Support Uzipov by following them on Facebook, Soundcloud or by going to their concerts.


2015. június 15., hétfő

Comfort Fit @ Boiler Room London (2013)

Almost two years ago Comfort Fit, aka Boris Mezga, a Berlin-based producer made a great 40 minutes long live act at Boiler Room London, including hiphop beats, boom bap, and some trap-ish sounds with 8-bit tunes.

The whole act waves well, it changes, it has peaks and calmer parts, every moments sounds it has its purpose. Professional work. I highlight my fav parts of the live act.

  • It starts with Nitro, a track I used in my mixtape too.
  • @10:40Then you can pieces of Kate Nash's Dickhead
  • @16:39 - some snippets from a movies, is it Edward Norton? So cool samples (download it here)
  • @21:24 - the so called yes/no track using kid voices and dreamy instrumentals
  • @24:40 - my favourite part: there are some christmas vocals like ringing bells and then they are torn to many pieces in the name of boom bap - just check it out at @26:04.
  • @27:26 - Bonny M's Ma Baker with the same conception, aargh!
  • @31:35 - you can't skip the hammond organ and some tuba, just wait for it, it will come
If you like what you've just heard, follow and support the artist, he deserved it: Comfort Fit on Facebook and on SoundCloud.